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by Grobius Shortling
It is with sadness that we post news of the death
of the creator of this website,
Wyatt James (a.k.a. Grobius Shortling),
on January 12, 2006.
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The Grand Duchy of Estalia on Almondsey



This author has been inventing imaginary places all his life, starting as soon as he could hold a crayon or pencil. In 1996, he got his first home computer and has not stopped playing with this new toy since. Several of these imaginary compositions were found in file folders that have been kept around for ages, others were written specifically for the Internet. Hope you enjoy them. -- G.S.

Almondsey is a large Island located somewhere between Norway and Atlantis. Gerousle is its capital city. This was not known at the time the game of Gerousle was invented. Its presence was revealed through the playing of the game (which generates its own history as you play it). Here are some fragments of the novel that was growing about this place before it sank into the Atlantic with no trace, round about the year 1970, just before the discovery/revelation of the Planet Blenkinsop.

-- Grobius Shortling, June 2002.

Country Silhouette

Prefatory note: This was derived from an RPG before that even existed on computers, even before Dungeons & Dragons; it was called Gerousle and was based on a home-made Monopoly/Careers type board in the summer of 1962. The rules required elaborate hand-written notes to track the history of all of your game pieces. Each result of a throw or draw often enough led to an intermission to make yet another game board, plus inventing what the Jack of Clubs, for example, would result in (death, wounding, money, etc.). (You had a leader, and lots of henchmen, using Monopoly icon pieces.) When you landed on a square you threw dice or picked cards to determine what happened next. A totally wasted summer vacation, but lots of fun, but my brother and I didn't have the foresight to exploit it. In the beginning, it only involved Almondsey and Gerousle -- Estalia was an undeveloped wilderness and home to vicious aborigines.

This web site is almost entirely new, created in the past year or so, and therefore in many ways is contradictory to the original concept. As a web site, it is far larger than the 'parent' site of Almondsey.

Almondsey, a large Island located somewhere between Norway and Atlantis, has its own web directory.

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