The Grand Duke's Palace in Estalia

The 'Old' Palace

A castle on a small island on Loch Mugg dating in parts back to the 15th Century. When Estalia had a king, this was one of the royal castles. The keep and chapel tower are the oldest buildings, as is the lower part of the curtain wall. The manor-house section was constructed in the early 17th Century at the same time the curtain wall was modified for artillery. Before reconstruction was even complete, it was decided to build the New Palace on the mainland, since accommodation was rather cramped. Hence, the Old Palace became the Archduke's private residence, and the New Palace the official, or public, precinct. There is another palace in the city of Lotta, but this was always the preferred residence.

The ground floor is taken up with domestic offices, including cellars, kitchen, servants' hall, and housing for two small garrisons. The first and second floors of the house contain the family living quarters. Note the mural passage connecting this with the keep, which is reserved entirely for the Archduke and his wife (her chamber, not shown, is below the duke's bed chamber). The Chapel is two stories in height, with a vaulted ceiling.

The 'New' Palace

A four-storied quadrangular structure with round corner towers, a gatehouse, and a bridge to the Old Palace. In the center of the courtyard are four large and ancient pear trees. Formal gardens are in the outer court.

The northern wing contains the service rooms (kitchen, servants' quarters, etc.); cellarage in the southern wing; garrison quarters in the eastern wing; and a formal entrance at the west side. The Great Hall rises through two floors, with a Solar above it. There is a large gaming room over the servants' hall. The top two stories contain bedrooms, with the towers rising another story to conical candle-snuffer roofs with a very French look.