Fladgate Tower in North Estalia

Duke Craglin the Fourth of Upper March built this small tower-house, perched on a low crag, to protect the road to the Holy City of Talibar three miles to the north. He was a famous necromancer based in the ancient castle of Craglin in the remote hill country by the Lin Gorge. It is a small building but normally the seat of Craglin's most adept wizard. Skeletons on gibbets protect the approach (as if anybody would dare to, anyway).

Description. An L-shaped tower (hall and kitchen wing) with a round entrance tower in the angle, another round tower at one corner, and a stair tower in the center of the north wall. The main block is four stories tall: vaulted cellar, great hall, solar, and garret (garrison quarters). The wing contains the vaulted kitchen, the dining room adjoining the great hall (having a dumbwaiter to the kitchen), the withdrawing room, the garrison hall, the wizard's bedroom, and the necromantic laboratory at the top, reached via trapdoor. And the entrance tower has a one-flight stairway to the great hall, a guard room, the office, the castellan's bedroom, and in its garret the Igor room (wizard's aide).

There are three corbelled-out round turrets at the upper-level corners, the two on the north housing garderobes, the southeasterly being a watch room. The top of the stair tower is a domed observatory used for astrological studies. The other round tower provides the wine cellar and two private sitting areas.

The building is built of a very dark gray granite, giving it a forbidding appearance in spite of its small size. There are some minor one-story outbuildings protected by a low wall and embankment (barmkin) containg stables, brewery, and the like.

Lin Gorge