Estalia: The Lin Gorge

The Lin Gorge is one of the most impressive natural features on the island of Almondsey. It is a chasm averaging a width of about a furlong and a depth of some 450 feet with near-vertical cliffs, with the River Lin flowing at the bottom. Oddly enough, the river is navigable -- no rapids except for a cataract at the outflow from Lake Sil. Although it forms a fine border defense in its own right, it was also an exercise in 'macho' one-up-man-ship by the Estalians and Almondese, with some formidable castles and other fortifications.

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Province of North Estalia  Whitcraft Tower: Silside Whitcraft Fortlet: Fort Sil Whitcraft Tower: Margin Halfbass Hall Ffanshoe Garbon Castle Craglin Castle Talibar Fladgate Tower Paladrian Castle Fort Psmith Fort Poggley Whitcraft Tower: Gorgeron Chateau Nuorgk Castle Pain Whitcraft Fortlet: Fort Liver Nuorgk Kajudder Hamnet Spikes of M'Lott Pozwitz Grange

If your browser does not support image maps: Province of North Estalia; Castle Pain; Chateau Nuorgk; Craglin Castle; Ffanshoe; Fladgate Tower; Fort Poggley; Fort Psmith; Garbon Castle; Halfbass Hall; Hamnet; Kajudder; Nuorgk; Paladrian Castle; Pozwitz Grange; Spikes of M'Lott; Talibar; Whitcraft Fortlets; Whitcraft Towers