The People of Farnish and Their History

Poole's Landing Gelling town Gelling Castle and Farm Nell Falls Glib Gap Glib Hamlet & Castle Buckle Gladyshose Fling Point and the Dam Loch Norwort Hotel Farn Manor Hunting Lodge Watch Tower The Mill Glew Farm The Common Farnisham/Nostril Citadel Gray Widow's Cave Glen Lunge Estate at Goshwin Crudburn Tower Salisbaker Tower Witch Academy (somewhere hereabouts)

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Places of Interest Regional Summaries
 1. Gelling Castle
 2. Glib Castle ruins & hamlet
 3. Tower ruins in Glib Gap
 4. Borwood Hunting Lodge
 5. The Mill
 6. Loch Norwort Hotel
 7. Farnisham Castle
 8. Glew Farm
 9. Watch Tower
10. Farn Manor estate
11. Glen Lunge Summer Lodge
12. Crudburn Tower
13. Salisbaker Tower
14. Pig's Head

Also: Farnisham/Nostril Town Plan.

NORTHERN FELLS: mainly sheep raising
(small farmsteads are located at
the seaward ends of three glens).
WEST FAST: Gelling fishing village
(landing to the north used when bad
southern gales isolate Gelling harbor).
SKIGG ISLES: Uninhabited except for sea
birds; occasional Eremites.
forest; separated by the Neckbone and
Hogsback ridges, crossover at Glib Gap.
C. Farn Common ('The Boggs')
D. Dam & Causeway (enlarges the lake)
EAST FAST: High cliffs along all the east
coast; no reliable landing places. (Some
nice caves, but be careful)
N. Nell Falls beauty spot (overrun by midges
in the summer)
*. Fling Point Overlook (fine views)
LAKE NORWORT: Mountain lake (artificially
deepened in places); the Hotel is a
failed Victorian spa, but is still open
(One has to love stodgy places to enjoy it).
SOUTHEND: Reasonably farmable Downs-like
country; Glew Farm is the main farm of the
island (belongs to the Manor, but in
fact is ruled by Mrs Mabel Mitherglew).
[Note: There is always a Mrs Mitherglew in a major position of control in Farnish; the current Mrs M runs the Post Office, Tea Shop & General Store on the Market Square. -- G.S.]

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A note for the curious: Tigti Yellowbeard is reputed to have spent a period of exile here in the 1050's (see Marshmount Castle).

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[The abridged version of Porpentinus Cripplewort's monograph was done in 1967. While updating this for the Internet in 1996, I noticed a glaring omission, which is hereby remedied, namely, the pub guide. --G.S.]