The Official Guide to the Isle of Farnish

Farnish Island, in the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland, where the Gulf Stream provides a reasonably temperate climate, but where it also rains a hell of a lot, also happens to be one of those places that while owned by Queen Elizabeth by feudal deed is not under the jurisdiction of the British Government. On the other hand, there are no casinos or tax-shelter banks there (yet). It is a simple place with a very low and ignorant population. Marshmount Estates, by virtue of an old inheritance, now has a major role on the island and is opening it up to tourists and tax-dodgers, solely for the benefit of the ever-decreasing native population and all of our friends, such as Mother Mitherglew. This guide is a revision of the one posted on the Internet in 1996, based on the Porpentinus Cripplewort tome from the last century. Hope you enjoy it and don't get too upset with all the ads -- please come and tour our wonderful country. We are going to make it a better place to visit, even if it will still be hard to find and get to.

-- Grobius Shortling, Aug 1999.    [Original Farnish site is here.]

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We have obtained a rare partial brochure to the Farnish Academy of Witchcraft. Click here. [ unfortunately, we cannot show you the location of this institution on the map ]

Note: Considerable additions have been made since the Cripplewort chapbook was transcribed. They are mainly included in appendices.
Later separate web pages are: Knut Houses, Gray Widow's Cave, and Lake Norwort House.
Also (2001-2): Farnisham/Nostril Town Plan; Farn Manor; Glen Lunge Estate; Salisbaker Tower; Sibyl Square; Coldbotham House; ...

New! A William Blackstone Wildman Mystery set on Farnish

Unfortunately, these additions have messed up the navigational plan of the site, for which I apologize. You just have to go around clicking on things. Eventually, this web site will undergo yet another redesign. -- Grobius

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