From the Library of Porpentinus Cripplewort

Some NOTES ~

on the

Geography, Peoples, &


(Natural and Humane)

of the

Strange & Wonderful




Compiled and Indexed by Porpentinus Cripplewort, Esq., of Farnish Castle, Isle of Farnish, from his own Various and Sundry Researches.

Written in the

Year of Our Lord


* * *

* *

Facsimile of the Original MS, made by Grobius Shortling, 5th in direct descent (via a byblow) from the Author, with revisions, and abridgements, in the year 1967... Porpentinus Cripplewort (1653?-1842) lived through a period of time that was not to be equalled for extraordinary changes until the Wright Brothers transformed kites into spaceships.

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: The Original Manuscript runs to over 1000 pages (foolscap). The following booklet is a drastic abridgement designed only to convey to the interested reader some of the charm and erudition of the original author. Should public interest be hereby stimulated, I will in the future issue the work in its entirety.

There was no table of contents, but the book can be broken down into these general sections:

--The Topography of Farnish
--Some Curious Fauna
--The Farnishite Barque
--The Casting Thiln
--A Strange Custom
--The Literature of Farnish
--People & History
--Farnisham (Nostril)
--Agriculture, Commerce, etc.
--Customs, Festivals, Sports
--Castles & Manors

[A note on the illustrations. Lacking the proper equipment, I was unable to reproduce the original Cripplewort drawings and have re-created some of them using 'Paintbrush'. Audubon it's not. My apologies. --G.S.]

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