Goblin Hall Facade of Goblin Hall Constructed by George Ariel Damphouse ('GAD' to his friends) in 1926, near the town of Cockermouth, Cumberland

This is not really a castle or tower-house, but rather the embodiment of the builder's fantasies. He was the wealthy son of a prominent Yorkshire industrialist specializing in plumbing supplies but who at an early age, having inherited the business, sold it and retired to his long-time passion for collecting books of a 'sensational' nature and indulging his hobby of medievalism. It is a peculiar building, which he designed himself, and the primary room is a two-storied library. The conservatory is 25 feet high and has some small trees growing within -- nice hot and humid retreat, well centrally heated at all times of year.

Lower Floors Description

[The features are described for each floor in a clockwise fashion starting from the upper left corner -- when necessary, they 'spiral' inward]

Basement: Toilet. Pantry. Wine cellar. Utility room (furnaces, pumps, fuel, etc.). 'Wet cellar'. 'Dry cellar'. Stairs up.

Ground Floor: Sinks. Kitchen. Stove. Larder. Back terrace. Conservatory. Office. Reading room. Library (ground floor level). Front terrace. Entrance and staircase hall. Parlor. Dining room. Back stairs (up). Stairs to cellars. Main staircase. MS room. Conservatory corridor. Rare book room. Cast-iron spiral stairs to upper level of library.

First Floor: Servants' hall. Back stairs (down). Larder roof. Upper level of conservatory. Master bedroom. Sitting room. Upper level of library. Main hall and oriel window over front door. Music room. 'Tea' room. Main stairs. Study. Bathroom. Cast-iron library balcony.

Upper Floors

Second Floor: Roof of back wing. Conservatory roof. Mistress's bedroom. Mistress's dressing room. Nannie's (or personal maid's) bedroom. Bedroom. Main hall. Butler's bedroom. Nursery. Main stairs. Babies' bedroom. Bathroom. Internal corridor.

Third Floor: Housemaids' room or upper parlor. Main stairs. Linen room. Bathroom. Guest bedroom. Guest sitting room. Bedroom. Bedroom. Main hall. Stairs to roof. Housekeeper's room (married couple -- steward and cook). Internal corridor.

Roof Level: Roof terrace and parapet. Chimney. Caphouse room with turrets (menservants or older kids). Chimney. Stairs down. Caphouse room with turrets (menservants or older kids). Chimney.

Sectional View Sectional View through Conservatory and Library

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