Aspidistra Castle, Denver

Molly Brown (the one who did not sink on the Titanic) had a good friend, Pauline Ponsonby, whose rich husband did sink with that ship, leaving her sole heir to his fortune in silver mines. They grew up together in Denver, Colorado. Pauline redesigned the mansion her husband had started to build south of Denver, near the infamous Columbine High School -- although that area was all rural then. The result was Aspidistra Castle, which is a bizarre structure for this area, or any area for that matter.
Most of it burned down in 1944, when it was being occupied by the US Army as an officers' training camp. What remains is the gatehouse wing and two of the side wings. The castle was originally shaped like an asterisk, with five points and a central courtyard open to the sky (but with a glass roof). Thus:

Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of this castle, although we are searching the local archives. It may have looked something like this:

(but with a lot more whirligigs and gargoyles and things like that)
(This is an American castle, but the Imaginary Castle Rules do not forbid this.)

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