Farnisham: The Warren

Museum and Library Bridge Street Town Wall Red Garter Public House North Road St Dismas RC Church Convent Parochial School (Catholic) Undertaker & Mortuary Mayor's House Jesuit House Alms Houses Farmers' Institute Mortuary Chapel Small Shops Row Central Market Meat Market Mitherglew Taxi and Livery Market Tower Mitherglew Taxi and Livery WH Smith

The older part of Farnisham/Nostril consists of the medieval Warren section and the northern Queen Anne sector.

The Queen Anne sector is along Upper Bridge Street (crossing the original and only medieval bridge in the town, which led to the Gelling road), with the Museum/Library at the west end and the old town wall and moat along the north. At the east side, along the road to the interior of the island, near the demolished gatehouse (one tower remains, now part of the inn), is the Red Garter public house. Across the high street is the municipal parking lot and the awful Stalinist 'new town' tower blocks. This area is basically just the one street and two squares, consisting of small town houses built in red brick. The western square is taken up mostly by the Catholic church complex -- St Dismas, the Convent, and the Parochial School (there are only about 200 RC's on the island, but the precinct, plus the Jesuit school, are a popular retreat for the Catholics of Liverpool). The mayor's official residence is on the eastern square facing the high street. There is a footbridge leading to the cemetery and the mortuary chapel on the street below North Bridge, and the island undertaking establishment is situated just above Jesuit House.

Along the river bank at the top of the Warren, are the Jacobean Alms House structures, while along the High Street at this point is the Farmers' Institute, the major bureaucratic establishment in Farnish. Between the two is a complex of small houses and alleyways. South of the institute are two blocks of small shops along the high street -- stationers, green grocers, laundromat, picture framer, etc. Then the central bulk of the Warren consists of the Victorian Central Market for meat, vegetables, clothes, and other produce. Note that there are two second-story bridges connecting market buildings along the river side, also a very tall bell tower. Along the south side of the Warren, there is another tenement block, the Mitherglew livery and taxi station (which is also the Farnish mini-bus station, for what that is worth), and on the market square is the inevitable WH Smith book and stationery store.