Isle of Farnish: Lake Norwort House

Lake Norwort House is located on an islet at the south end of the lake a few hundred yards above the dam. It was built in the early 1900s by a merchant banker as a summer retreat, and is still in the family (the Smythe-Cohens).

Reached by a causeway from a private carriageway on the slopes of Fling Hill on the west side of the lake, the house is two stories tall, with a three-story tower (and cellar). On the north side there is another entrance, with a dock. To the west is a cobbled courtyard and a lawn.

Farnish's most notorious murder case, that of the Welsh poet Dai Eglwyswrw, occurred here in 1908. [You will have to go to the William Blackstone Wildman detective memoir site to read about this, if it has been published yet -- Grobius]

a) Inglenook
b) Drawing Room
c) Jetty
d) Lake Entrance
e) Main Stair
f) Cloakroom
g) Parlour
h) Stair Turret
i) Long Gallery
j) Terrace
k) Front Entrance
l) Dining Room
m) Entrance Hall (cellar under)
n) Bay Window
o) Kitchen
p) WC
Ground Floor of Lake Norwort House
a) Upper Parlor
b) Balcony
c) Stair Landing
d) Hallway
e) Bathroom
f) Bedroom
g) Master bedroom
h) Library
i) Caretaker's Room
j) Hallway
k) Bedroom
l) Bedroom
m) Bathroom
Tower top (Study)
First Floor of Lake Norwort House

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