Imaginary Places

by Grobius Shortling



Some Miscellaneous Data about the Planet Blenkinsop

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This author has been inventing imaginary places all his life, starting as soon as he could hold a crayon or pencil. In 1996, he got his first home computer and has not stopped playing with this new toy since. Several of these imaginary compositions were found in file folders that have been kept around for ages, others were written specifically for the Internet. Hope you enjoy them. -- G.S.

A series of web pages about the distant Planet Blenkinsop (Gogol II in Beta Pisces). This is the Home Page for Information about the Planet Blenkinsop. There is a wealth of material about this place, but only a limited amount is available on the Internet at this time.

-- Grobius Shortling, June 2002.
[Original Blenkinsop frames site is here.]


NOTE: From 1970 until about 1973, when the impetus died out, Grobius Shortling and his brother Celius carried on a correspondence regarding the Planet Blenkinsop. The separate files number in the 70s. To organize and cull this mass of information would be a major undertaking, which I am not proposing to do at this time (or any!). However, from time to time I will extract some items and publish them on this Web Site. The Story of Bettylou has already been online since 1996, as have pages about the Moons and some of the Characters of Blenkinsop. This site will contain extracts from various files that will explain some of the curious topography, history, and taxonomy of this planet. The many graphics developed in this correspondence are, regrettably, omitted as they were mostly done in pencil and are not easily reproducible.* The central focus of the Blenkinsop papers is the interplanetary cartel known as the Mallowfat & Fagg corporation.

--Grobius Shortling (Sept 1997)

* However, a rough-drawn map of the planet will be included eventually.

This site has been in a frames format since 1998, but having been promulgated to various servers (some with banner ads, etc.) there have been problems with viewing format. This is the new introductory menu. -- GS (March 2001)

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