Almondsey is a large Island located somewhere between Norway and Atlantis. Gerousle is its capital city. This was not known at the time the game of Gerousle* was invented. Its presence was revealed through the playing of the game (which generates its own history as you play it). Here are some fragments of the novel that was growing about this place before it sank into the Atlantic with no trace, round about the year 1970, just before the discovery/revelation of the Planet Blenkinsop**.

* Gerousle Game      ** The Planet Blenkinsop

About the Admiral
Admiral Handleweave

Almondsey is noted for its walled towns

Here are three of them: Kajudder, Nuorgk, and Ffanshoe. (These plans are 'pristine' in that they do not show modern and suburban development. The keys have been omitted as irrelevant as these drawings are just as effective as decoration.)

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