The Lord Mayor's Tower, Gerousle

Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor

The Lord Mayor's Tower is in the shape of a hexagonal lozenge with a rectangular projection containing kitchen and other services, set in the midst of a square moat, with a small courtyard in the center. In style, it is an elaborately carved baroque-type building with lots of sculptured decoration and gargoyles -- rather barbaric-looking in effect. Supposedly, the architect, Hans Boleim-v'Marle, had seen the Hague Palace in the Netherlands and had some similar idea, but on a much smaller scale and with Italian Palladian villas in mind also. It has three main floors, plus a cellar under the kitchen and a garret under the roof. Southern part of the building is now devoted to public amenities, such as the Mayoral offices and a small museum devoted to Gerousle. The large city square, named Fosworthy Place, to the south, out of which the bridge to the mansion is reached, contains all the government buildings, courts, legislative hall, etc. for the city. Well, this is the way it was in the 1950s, and we just have to hope and assume it is still there in spite of the time warp disappearance of Almondsey.

Key: (a) Bath-house, (b) WC tower, (c) Kitchen garden, (d) Shed, (e) Scullery/Laundry, (f) Servery, (g) Kitchen, (h) Outer court, (i) Drawbridge to entrance, (j) Bridge, (k) Great hall, (l) Parlor, (m) Gallery, (n) Library, (o) Garrison hall, (p) WC tower, (q) Guardroom, (r) Closet, (s) Closet, (t) Private stair. (a) Platform, (b) Balcony, (c) Servants' Parlor, (d) Service room, (e) Butler, (f) Housekeeper, (g) Office, (h) Business room, (i) Private office, (j) Strongroom, (k) Gallery, (l) WC, (m) Secretary's bedroom, (n) Watch turret, (o) Bureaucracy room, (p) Office, (q) Turret, (r) Guardroom/Servants' hall (a) Platform, (b) Museum 1, (c) Terrace, (d) Men's dormitory, (e) Women's dormitory, (f) Museum 2, (g) Curator's office, (h) Turret, (i) Mayor's bedroom, (j) Closet, (k) Mayor's parlor, (l) WC, (m) Mayor's dressing room, (n) Museum 3, (o) Platform. Additional quarters for the Mayor's family are in the garret rooms.