Prefatory note: This was derived from an RPG before that even existed on computers, even before Dungeons & Dragons; it was called Gerousle and was based on a home-made Monopoly/Careers type board in the summer of 1962. The rules required elaborate hand-written notes to track the history of all of your game pieces. Each result of a throw or draw often enough led to an intermission to make yet another game board, plus inventing what the Jack of Clubs, for example, would result in (death, wounding, money, etc.). (You had a leader, and lots of henchmen, using Monopoly icon pieces.) When you landed on a square you threw dice or picked cards to determine what happened next. A totally wasted summer vacation, but lots of fun, but my brother and I didn't have the foresight to exploit it.

On redoing this site, and having undertaken a re-reading of Lord of the Rings after 20 years or so, I now see that this is a parody of Tolkien. One forgets motivations so quickly, although an aftermath such as this may survive for years and even end up on a web page.

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