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New: The Country of Estalia

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I need more information about Ffanshoe, Kajudder, and Nuorgk. These are Gerouslian cities from the old days. Ffanshoe, a mountain city, is fine in relation to the Estalians, becuase these mountain folk are all kin anyway. Nuorgk is similar, but very aggressive against their neighbors regardless of background -- the Nuorgs are very paranoid. Kajudder is a trading city and is out to screw everybody in the name of commerce -- the Kajuds are just nasty.

Handleweave actually was only able to take his ship up to the Great Gorge, got stuck around the area of Castle Pain, after which he had to use rowboats just to get up to Lake Sil. Only Graglin Castle of the hostile Estalians was there at that time, and he was never noticed, so he lucked out. Then from Lake Sil he continued up into that undiscovered territory that hasn't been web-paged yet. That's where all the weird animals are (or were) -- most notorious being the Giant Polar Ferrets, who lived their lives so fast that they sextupled in size within two weeks of birth, were fertile at the age of six weeks, had two rows of teeth, like sharks, and burned out at the age of six -- they actually had black fur rather than white, better to absorb arctic sun, and the prey were all color blind or stupid anyway. They made very nice one-person pets it you could tame them before they were a week old (anybody not you, they would bite) .

Note: If you read the Estalia pages, you will see that a lot of this is nonsense -- Handleweave's exaggeration?

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