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"We mind our own business now, so we have no enemies any longer, especially in the world at large. Why should we ever join the United Nations or allow multinational corporations into our lives? We can survive without all that, although it would be nice to have a decent Fast-Food chain."
     -- George Lloyd Vizid-zul'Digg-ertz, Chancellor

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Almondsey is a large Island located somewhere between Norway and Atlantis. Gerousle is its capital city. This was not known at the time the game of Gerousle was invented. Its presence was revealed through the playing of the game (which generates its own history as you play it). Estalia is the sole remaining independent country belonging to the 'aborigines' that has not been subsumed into the nation of Almondsey that was settled by Danes and Vikings back in early medieval times. Although this entire island sank into the Atlantic with no trace, round about the year 1970, just as the game was being modified for public release, scholars/necromancers at the University of Jatta in Estalia have been able to bypass the time warp that obfuscates our continued presence in the world to the extent that we have been able to implement this web site.

Glasnost is a rather outdated term, even to us in our isolation, but I have reached an agreement with my cohort in that nation, The Hon. Armon Quintagle, who is the Minister of Information & Public Rectitude there, to host information about that larger part of our shared island. More about Almondsey

We have also (generously, I must say) allowed the following sites to share our server space:

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